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Douglas Grenkie

Bravo Holidays Toronto Inc. was selected by the committee to take us on a mostly all-inclusive travel to:

  1. Iceland in 2017 whereby we saw the countryside and enjoyed meetings and receptions with lawyers, judges, and embassy officials. The tour by bus, accommodations and food were of the highest quality and the meetings quite productive, thanks to Bravo.


  1. The Baltic States, Helsinki and St. Petersburg in 2016 allowed us to see Vilnius where we flew into and then by bus saw Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia meeting lawyers and judges throughout and enjoying super accommodations and food. We then went by boat across to Finland and then onto St. Petersburg by train crossing the border into Russia. Again, the accommodations in both countries were superb and the food and itinerary were engaging. Everything went smoothly and all of the participants enjoyed the entire tour to its fullest.


  1. China in 2015 with 57 participants including 19 lawyers and 6 judges from all levels of courts. We went to Shanghai then, by air, to Yunnan Province and then by bus, with stays in Shangri-La, Lijang, Dali, and Kunming, the capital. We traveled by air to Xian and then by the bullet train to Bejing. Travel throughout was on time and comfortable and meals and legal and judicial meetings were superb and all of our group were gratified to meet with their Chinese Counterparts.


  1. In 2019, we are travelling to the Central Asia Silk Road with 50 participants with a well-established itinerary for meetings with lawyers, accommodation, food, and travel within the countries.


Bravo gives it all and everything works smoothly and enjoyable for the participants.


————-Douglas Grenkie

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